Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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I think that it will come to no surprise to Provocative Church readers that I haven't been very engaged with this blog recently. And as I have put more of my time and passion into my sister blog - - I have come to realize that in life there comes a point when an individual has to choose to "stop doing" certain things. And that point has come with this blog.

I began this blog on the heels of seminary in 2005 with the idea in mind of developing my writing skills by writing about the things that I was passionate about.

I wanted this to be a personal blog of my theological reflections.

I wanted it to be a place in which it would encourage and bless others.

I wanted this blog to be a reflection of my spiritual journey.

And although I was able to accomplish those goals, I feel presently (as well as over the past year) my available time, focus and passion to invest in this blog no longer exists at the level necessary and therefore it is not a good stewardship of my time, focus and attention to continue.

So what is the future of Provocative Church?

I will continue to keep the blog up and online to serve as a valuable archive of theological and inspirational material. Although no new material will be posted, I know that many people find and read content from this blog every day.

The companion Facebook site will continue to be online and through it I will personally continue to share, post and curate material that is not only a blessing to me but I trust will bless others too.

Lastly, I would encourage you to subscribe and read - this is the place where I feel God has called me to focus most of my time and energy - and I hope and trust you will enjoy the articles that I will be posting there.

Thank you, to all of you, that have read, commented, linked to and supported Provocative Church these many years. God Bless.

Bill Reichart