Friday, March 16, 2007

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The Georgia Carnival #6

When you rent a DVD, it may have included hidden features which are called "Easter Eggs". These a little surprises that enhance your movie enjoyment and today I have included some of them to enhance your "blogging" enjoyment. Welcome to edition #6 of the Georgia Carnival, and it is my pleasure to host this edition. In this edition there are wonderful blogs from across the state and interesting and provocative posts. Find a comfortable chair, sit back, make a pot of coffee, enjoy reading what fellow Georgians are writing and thinking, and click on the pictures for some special "Easter Eggs".

Terrell presents Sunday Seven: Pics from a Month at School posted at Alone on a Limb.

Who was most responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? That is the question posed and answered by Huffenglish

Want a good laugh? Drifting through the Grift looks south to Florida as he considers the Top Ten Funniest Florida Bills

How would you feel about a new television series
about Neanderthals roaming Atlanta's city streets? Find out more at Article of Faith.

Elementaryhistoryteacher from History is Elementary presents this heartwarming guest post from her mother. "This is a post regarding my mother. She passed away over the summer and she was a writer. The post is a story of hers that she had written. It is concerning a shopping trip to Atlanta in the 40s and I have some pictures of what Peachtree Street would have looked like at the time.

You'll want to update your Amazon wishlist after reading Book Reviews posted by John at Grasping For The Wind

Break out the credit card because Jane from Cozy Reader has a very helpful guide to shopping in My 13 Favorite Online Shopping Sites

Dew on the Kudzu will make your mouth water as the dining at The Old Mill Restaurant is described in vivid detail.

Amy's Random Thoughts
asks the question, Do you think lying is ever acceptable? Is there one lie that is ok to tell?

What does Miga do when her mother-in-law comes to town, what else? Clean the House!

The Girl Next Door is back to blogging and talking about her blossoming relationship.

Radical Georgia Moderate
shows off his design for the Podcamp Atlanta T-Shirts.

I am not sorry to say that Melanie over at Blog for Democracy looks at Apologies

The Chinese are banning homework? Could this be true? Find out as Best Practices in Education examines the question.

GotBible? has some interesting Bible facts for you to ponder.

Read about scalawags and carpetbaggers as David Parker presents Marian Sims and Reconstruction in S.C. posted at another history blog

Edwin at Chicken Fat has a little lesson on The Moravians in Murray County, Ga.

Coming up, The 7th edition of the Georgia Carnival will be hosted by Melanie at Blog For Democracy.
You can contact her by email by clicking here